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May 2, 2003
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Ragbunny Starshine by keetyofchaos Ragbunny Starshine by keetyofchaos
Yay, I was listening to this song and gawt ideas. There aren't a whole lotta lyrics to it but the tune is VERY catching. If Noodle had sung it I woulda died. XD Anyway, the story is, I was making my most convenient leetle charrie in the most convenient way -- PAINT ! Regular, ol' paint as always. And well, I had started putting words on, but I wanted to try something different. After all, my style is CONSISTENTLY the same. I needed something new. As I try to think of new things, I think... Why not lyrics ? Now, I already had some TATU lyrics open, but I wanted something to match. I was listening to "Starshine" and suddenly it hit me. "PERFECT"! So here it is. O.o That story is stupid. But also, I've been curious about having her actually SHOW emotion instead of lookin' atcha wif them creepy big dark eyes of hers. At first I thought -- Crying ? Frowning ? It was too steep. So for now, just closing her eyes will have to do. ^^;
inlezorn Featured By Owner May 3, 2003
nicely done sweetie Hug
shamelessidiocy Featured By Owner May 2, 2003
Mleeep! I enjoy the Gorillaz as well... XD and Noodle is cheezus O.O
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